Ave Maria

Sung by Jeremy and set to photos of Brazilian Cathedrals.  

Credits: Ave Maria -Text & Music by Franz Schubert, 1825.  Piano by John Carter of Thirteen/EightProductions.com  Orchestrated and Sung by Jeremy Threlfall.

Abide With Me

Sung  & orchestrated by Jeremy.  Put to Easter Flowers & Christus

O Danny Boy

Sung by Jeremy. Video filmed & edited by Michael Doxey

Take My Hand

Video filmed & edited by Michael Doxey.  Music written & performed by Jeremy.

The Answer Is

THE ANSWER IS- music video

 I wrote this song because I believe that trying to understand each others differences and looking through the eyes of love is the answer to peace and the end to violence. "The Answer is Divine! It is in the words of GOD. We should "love our neighbor as ourselves."

 Written and performed by Jeremy. 

Bee Polite-Sung by Jeremy as "Mr. Music"

Check out this great children's educational video which teaches children to be polite.  Written by Jeremy.

The Pound-Sung by Jeremy as "Jer Dog"

Check out this great  educational video written to teach children about being responsible animal care takers.  Written by Jeremy.