Science Songs

Science Thru Music

21 Science Songs written by Jeremy Threlfall are a fun way to learn about science topics through music.  Each track was written in a different style of music and rhythm in hopes to combine Science Class with Music and Dance Class. The songs can be memorized and performed by your children or your students for testing purposes or for little shows or stage productions.  You can even download our FREE TEACHING TOOLS which include: Written Test (Fill-in the Blank) for each song, Spelling Lists, Lyric Sheets and Sheet Music.   

Definition of Science

 systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation 

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Teaching Tools for Science Thru Music

Photosynthesis Sheet Music Sample

FREE- Printable Written Test for each song - spelling lists, lyrics, sheet music

Each song has been written with grade school curiculum in mind.  We have created a written test for each song.  Also available for free are spelling lists, lyric sheets and sheet music.  All these tools will help you teach your children science topics through music.  Click on the link below.  Link below will take you to Google Drive to print or download for free.  No login required.

Photos by Jeremy Threlfall

Puppy Songs

Puppy Songs

Jeremy has been writing children's songs since 1997. 

This small mini collection of puppy songs were written for children and all puppy people who have a special place in their hearts for our K-9 friends. To some of us, a dog is our best friend and companion.

Track 1: "You Are my Friend" is a country style song written about a dog with big brown eyes and a puppy face. 

Track 2: "The Pound" is a Jazz song written to encourage and educate Dog owners to take good care of their pups so they don't accidentally end up in the pound. 

Track 3: "Puppy Puppy I Love You" is a song written about the importance to care for your K-9 friend because you love him or her.  Originally this was written in a different ballad style, but this version has been adapted to a Country Style. 

Album is Available for download by

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I Choose To Be Polite

I Choose to Be Polite CD Cover-Single

I Choose To Be Polite-Single

I Choose To Be Polite is a fun song written to teach children the importance of being kind and polite.  Written, Performed, Orchestrated and Recorded by Jeremy Threlfall.  

Single is Available for Download by

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